Yearly Service Agreement

In an effort to help you your new system in the best and most efficient condition, as well as maintaining the warranty, we recommend the units be serviced on an annual basis.

Here is a contact for a prepaid yearly maintenance agreement. This contact will cover the general service for the furnace in the fall and the service of the air conditioner in the spring (where applicable). The service will include:

  • Cleaning/Changing all air filters
  • A general cleaning of equipment
  • Start up and check all operation and safety controls.

If a part(s) or a more thorough cleaning of the unit is required, you will be informed as to our recommendation as well as the additional cost of the repairs. We will only make these repairs at your request.

This contact (when prepaid) provides you with 3 advantages.

Peace of mind: We will remind you when is is time service your unit(s) so you don’t forget until it’s “too late”.

Preferential treatment when it comes to scheduling the service. While it is not possible for us to guarantee times or days for doing the service, we will give you priority when you call. You will also be given priority status if you call with a problem.

When the contact is paid in advance, you avoid any rate increases (on the service rate) that may go into effect in that calendar year.

Download Agreement